5 Ways Clay Crafts Help You Live Your Best Life

(Bigger Brains, Lower Stress and more!)

Creating with Sculpey has all sorts of benefits – creative outlet, productive use of time, even as a side-gig to make extra money! But did you know about these five other positive effects of claying with Sculpey?

Crafts increase self-esteem!

Research shows that visualizing, planning, working on and achieving a project increases feelings of confidence and well-being. You thought maybe you could do it, and you have proof that you can!

Air-Dry Clay makes this an super easy starter project!

Here’s a simple project to start with – an adorable Cat Pencil Cup.


Claying is totally zen!

Repetitive activities like rolling and conditioning clay can serve as a type of meditation. A study by Project Meditation showed that meditation can improve anxiety levels by 60%! (Wouldn’t you like to relax a little?)

Cane-making is a great project that involves rolling – check out some tips on getting started with cane-making, here!

Teal & Coral & Calm All Over

You can also use the Sculpey Clay Conditioning machine to methodically prepare clay to use in a project, while also creating a soothing color-way – like in this Ombre Waves Color Blended Earrings.


Working on a clay project could actually make you smarter

Seriously – it’s possible to increase your brain’s processing power by meditation – it’s scientifically proven! In numerous studies, meditation has been shown to improve overall wellness, including amazing things like increasing gray matter in the brain (gyrification). That means it potentially helps a person process more information, faster. So by that logic – not only does claying make you smarter – it helps you think up new clay projects to try – isn’t that smart?

Here’s three projects you could try. Think of how many more projects you could dream up!

Brain cane (how could we *not* start with these?)

A wrinkled brain is a smart brain

Mermaid Book Mark – small, cute, useful for all your reading and organizing

Pretty Wall Decor – this faux feather wall hanging combines clay elements with real wood and natural cotton string – long lasting organic look, soothing colors and elements.

Crafting can be a group activity – even if you never meet in person.

There are oodles of craft specific groups online that you can look up on Facebook, Instagram and more, but there are in-person groups, workshops, classes and more as well! Check out Sculpey_official on Instagram and SculpeyOfficial on Facebook to get active making comments and talking to others to get started!


Sharing your gift makes everybody happier!

According to a recent Insta poll, an average of 86%(!) of people say they’d prefer a hand-made gift over something from a big-box store. That’s a lot of people who are reporting they’d love something that was thoughtfully and carefully crafted by hand vs by a heartless machine.

Give it a try! Make the trend with project like these:

Face Art Vase – a modern look at an artistic effect – easy and on-trend!

Face it – this is a cool project!

Zodiac Ring Dish – dream up your next clay projects and make them happen with Sculpey clay – and in the mean time, use this charming zodiac ring dish to hold your jewelry while you snooze.

Thank your lucky stars for projects that make you happy!

So go out there and give claying a try, or if you’ve been using Sculpey for a while, here’s some confirmation that it really IS good for you (and others).


Show us what you create! Tag us on social media, and add #howdoyousculpey and be sure to mention what clay you used!

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