5 DIY Gifts for Brightening Your Office Space

Whether you’re telecommuting or sharing a “cubbie” space with your co-workers, a little personality can go a long way!

Show your style or share a smile with these fun DIY Office gifts – we’ve included the easy how-to instructions in the links below!


1) Keep your important people close at mind with this adorable (and delicious looking!) macaron photo holder! https://www.sculpey.com/how-to/premo-sculpey-web-exclusive-pastel-macaroon-photo-holder

2) How about a classic Office Supply Holder – but made with Original Sculpey Granite for a hearty “stone” look: https://www.sculpey.com/how-to/original-sculpey-granite-office-supply-holder

3) For another take on the natural materials as inspiration, how about this easy faux-malachite pencil holder? https://www.sculpey.com/how-to/sculpey-premo-easy-faux-malachite-pencil-jar

4) Help keep your sleek phone from getting lost under papers with this adorable raccoon cell phone holder! https://www.sculpey.com/how-to/original-sculpey-granite-raccoon-cell-phone-holder

5) A quick custom look for a journal would be a great “welcome to the office” gift for someone new to the team: https://www.sculpey.com/how-to/sculpey-iii-custom-notebook

Feeling inspired or looking for more ideas? Head over to our collection of the latest step-by-step how-to’s for all sorts of polymer clay gifts and décor ideas today!


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