2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Six Great Gifts For Giving This Year

We all want to give (and perhaps receive!) great gifts, but sometimes *finding* JUST the right thing can be a challenge.

Well, have no fear, dear reader! We’ve come up with six gift ideas that will have the people on your list saying “Wow, you really “get” me!”

Read on for ideas that suit six different people that might be on your list this year!

Gift Idea #1 – For the Trendsetter

A gift for the trendy ones in your group

Not only is the Sculpey Fashion Icon kit brand new at the end of 2022, but it features uber fashionable colors so your nearest trendsetting neighbor can get their craft on in style. This kit includes four colors of Premo clay plus deluxe reusable tools and an instruction booklet to get them started!

Gift Idea #2 – For the Jewelry Makers

Perfect gift for the entrepreneur making earrings as a side-hustle

Your local artisan jewelry maker may be looking to differentiate their designs, and this gift idea has all the right stuff to get them started! It includes three colors of the innovative Liquid Sculpey along with a 3D Jewelry Mold (for earrings, necklaces and more!) and the tools they’ll need to get going.

Here’s the full list with links to create this gift set!

Gift Idea #3 – for Clever Kids

Keep kids busy and creativity growing

This outstanding all-in-one gift is perfect for a budding crafter – and it’s the biggest kid’s set Sculpey has ever created! The Sculpey Magic Clay set includes 24 bars of 4 different types of clay – Bendy, Eraser, Glitter and regular Bake Shop Polymer clay, plus reusable must-haves like a silicone crafting mat, 16 modeling tools and some very fun accessories like rhinestones, clips, cords and ribbons. 

Plus, not only does it include a full instruction manual with projects like a bendy gecko, cactus eraser, rainbow eraser, glitter frog bracelet and 3 backpack charms (glitter cupcake, cute cat and a donut with rhinestone sprinkles!), but buyers ALSO get a bonus full-length step-by-step video via email to make an ADDITIONAL project!

Gift Idea #4 – for Super Sculptors

Give the gift of a new skill with this sculpting supply gift idea!

Super Sculpey (in all its various varieties) have been a long-time staple for dollmakers, stop-motion animators and serious and beginner sculptors alike, and with good reason. The list of highlights include its fine detailing properties (it doesn’t “fill in” after tooling), the ability to take on being sanded, drilled, carved and even painted with water-based acrylic paints after it’s baked – AND it has a ceramic-like feel for all the colors, making the finished product really feel high-end. Get a set like this for the animation-filming, creature-creating, doll-making artist in your life!

Here’s the full list with links to create this gift set:

Gift idea #5 – Oven-Free Claying

If the oven is busy baking other things this season, this gift keeps them crafting!

If you haven’t tried Sculpey Air Dry clay – you (or your gift recipient, that is) are in for a real treat! Super smooth and almost fluffy, it’s fun to work with to create lovely creations in the stock bright White or Terra Cotta options, the translucent Air Dry Porcelain variety, or color your clay by mixing in oil-based paint before shaping and leaving it to dry (without the oven!)

Plus – Sculpey has all sorts of project ideas to get you started! Have a look at the free Sculpey project idea list!

Gift Idea #6 – Treat Terrific Teachers

Skip the typical teacher gifts and thank a special teacher with supplies they need and inspiration for the classroom, too!

Teachers appreciate creative ideas as much as the next artist, and bonus points when those ideas can be easily translated for use with a whole class of kiddos! Give a great teacher in your life what they need to fire up that creativity (with a little boost of ideas and support) with this gift idea that includes our classic Original Sculpey, a gift card to get other supplies they might want, plus a tip for them to subscribe to the new Sculpey Teacher Newsletter!

We hope these gift ideas helped you check a few names off your shopping list this year. Stick with Sculpey for tons of inspiration, contest, promotions and exciting news! Sign up for the Sculpey Newsletter by clicking here!

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