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Intricate details don’t have to be hard. We have a line of products to help you achieve amazing polymer clay looks in minutes. From silkscreens to decals the possibilities are endless!

Embellish Clay

Crafting with clay is a personal process that lets you explore your imagination, exercise your hands and channel your creativity into something solid to wear as jewelry, use as toys or tools or display around the house. With the amazingly versatile capabilities of polymer clay, you can create adorable figurines, craft unique jewelry, stylish coverings for household objects like photo frames and candleholders, nifty keychains and magnets and even clever crafts with your kids — the possibilities are as broad as your imagination.

Whatever you're dreaming up, the details are everything — but sometimes they can be hard to get just right. Are you looking for a little help with etching in crafting patterns and making your polymer clay embellishments how you envision them? With Sculpey®'s line of clay embellishment products, you can detail all your polymer clay projects in style.

Embellish Polymer Clay With Our Products

Intricate details don’t have to be hard. We have a line of products to help you achieve fantastic polymer clay looks in minutes. From silkscreens to decals,the possibilities are endless! Sculpey® carries an excitingly unique selection of products to help you detail polymer clay, including:

  • Clay DecalsPerfect for crafting unique jewelry items like signature earrings, beautiful bangle bracelets and stunning pendants, as well as attractive decorations for your keychains and household items, our clay decals allow you to create a variety of intricate patterns effortlessly. Just cut the shape of your piece, apply the decal and bake in your home oven! Our set includes six original designs.
  • Sculpey® Silk Screen KitDo you enjoy delicate details, intricate designs and patterns painted finely on your flourishing clay projects? Take your polymer clay embellishments to the next level by using our stunning silk screen kit. Complete with four reusable silk screens, a squeegee for application and metallic paint shades of gold and silver, this kit introduces 14 unique patterns for your most intricate custom projects. Try it on your beads, pendants and other clay products for designs that shine.
  • Design It TemplatesIf you're a jewelry-maker or into mixed media art and enjoy creating custom pieces with an unmistakable touch of your style, our Design It templates are perfect for you. With reusable, easy-to-trace plastic templates in 40 shapes, you can create whimsical, elegant and unique pieces by mixing and matching.
  • Sculpey® Flexible Texture Sheets: Incorporate unique texture and patterns to embellish polymer clay projects like you've never seen before. With flexible, transparent material sheets perfect for pressing into clay, lining up edges and using with a clay conditioning machine, our texture sheets are the ideal tool for stamping, adding texture and implementing detailed designs. Just line up your sheets and press them down into your clay jewerly, mixed media, household object holders and other polymer projects to stamp the perfect pattern.

Explore our exciting lineup of Sculpey embellishment products to detail your polymer clay projects in style. Purchase online today!

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