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Making clay jewelry is very popular among people who love to create with clay! We have invented tools to make every step of jewelry making easier! From making uniform round polymer clay beads to baking them without spot we have the tool for any of your jewelry making needs!

Types of Polymer Clay Bead Makers

As we say at Sculpey, we provide the tools, you provide the creativity. This idea is why we carry several polymer clay bead makers, including:

  • Sculpey® Bead Maker: For solid 13mm, 16mm or 18mm beads, trust this clay bead maker, which features easy-to-use measuring cups.  This is great for getting the same size bead every time!
  •  Sculpey® Hollow Bead Maker: If your design features polymer hollow beads, this bead maker could be perfect. It makes the bead creation process hassle-free and offers five sizes!
  • premo! Custom Bead Cores: Need some polymer clay bead cores? With our 50-piece set, you can create various sizes, shapes and designs with ease.

Our polymer clay bead tools let you focus on what you do best — creating intricate and beautiful polymer clay bead patterns versus producing a set of uniform beads.

Techniques for Polymer Clay Bead Creations

No matter your experience level, there is always more to learn, which is why we've compiled some polymer clay bead tips for beginners and experts:

  • Re-roll your beads: Whether you're using our polymer clay bead maker or your bare hands, remember that you can always re-roll your beads before baking. If you're not satisfied with their shape — or smoosh them on accident — start again by re-rolling them. That's the beauty of polymer clay, and it's a technique we often emphasize in our polymer clay bead tutorials.
  • Use your sandpaper: If you have our Sculpey® Bead Making Kit, remember that it comes with wet/dry sandpaper, which is essential for that smooth finish. It's also excellent for texturing your unbaked clay, so make sure to use it both before and after you bake. It'll make a noticeable difference in the appearance and quality of your beads, plus take away the hassle of shopping for sandpaper at your local hardware store.
  • Add your texture: What's enjoyable about our polymer clay bead makers is that they work for you. If you're creating a set of polymer hollow beads, for instance, you can apply your clay to the desired mold size, use your texture and bake your beads without worrying about altering their shape or size during the application, as the mold keeps them secure.
  • Drill your bead hole: A trusted polymer clay bead technique is drilling, versus piercing a hole into your beads. By using a drilling motion, you're lowering the risk of creating a haphazard hole and distorting your bead's shape and size. Start by drilling your hole from either end. Once you feel the tip of your needle on the other end, switch sides to prevent a rim of clay on one end of your bead.

How to Make Polymer Clay Beads and More

how to make polymer clay beads

Ready to learn how to make polymer clay beads? Excellent! To make the learning process easy to follow, our team of has created several polymer clay bead tutorials. These tutorials help demonstrate how you can  make beads with our various polymer clay bead tools.

Explore our tutorials on each product. Then, apply what you've learned by purchasing your own polymer clay bead kit and sharing your creations with #sculpeyprojects!

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