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Polymer Clay Tools 

Are you creating crafts that make a statement or serve a purpose? Perhaps you’re crafting intricate photo frames to decorate your home, beautiful candleholders for special occasions, quirky figurines to fuel your imagination or gorgeous jewelry to fit your personality. You might even be creating special gifts! Whether you’re making beautiful beads or experimenting with mixed media, the right polymer clay tools and supplies are just as crucial to the crafting process as the right clay.

We understand that tools are an essential part of creating with clay!Our extensive line of polymer clay tools covers all of your rolling, cutting, etching, smoothing and detailing needs and so much more. Designed specifically for ease of use, these tools meet the needs of all polymer clay users from beginners to experienced artists.

Sculpey® Tools

When you work with clay, whether you've been doing it for years or are just getting started, you need the right tools to give your projects the exact look you want. Clay is truly a hands-on project, making it unlike other types of art. When you start working the clay with your hands, you can lose yourself in the process. But to get the fine details that you want from your clay, you need the right tools.

You won't find a better selection of high-quality polymer clay tools. When you browse through our inventory of tools for clay projects, you'll start thinking of ideas for new projects right away!

From our starter sets to more precise instruments, we offer all of the polymer clay tools you'll need for any project.

Tools for Any Clay Project

When you browse our selection of Sculpey® tools, you will find everything you need for whatever project you're working on. If you have a particular vision for your piece, our tools will help you make it a reality.

If you enjoy making jewelry, the Sculpey® Bead Maker is a must-have. Use it to make perfect beads in a variety of sizes every time. This tool is so easy to use — letting you bake the clay right on the shaping tool! You can use any type of clay with this tool, and you can decorate or paint the beads once they're done in the oven.

To create interesting patterns and textures on your projects, use our Sculpey® Texture Wheels or Style & Detail Tools. Once you've sculpted the main shape of your clay, you need tools like these to give it the finer details.

These are just a few examples of the amazing tools we carry for clay projects. When you start using these tools, you'll find novel ways to use them and continue to get inspired with new ideas for future projects.

Benefits of Polymer Clay Tools

To get the level of detail that you want, you need to use tools when you work with clay. Some people get creative and find things around their homes to use instead. This resourcefulness can be a great way to find a temporary solution, but you don't want the items that you use for other purposes to get covered in clay. Sculpey® tools have a specific purpose — you know exactly what they're for and you don't use them for anything else. Pulling out your clay tools can also help you get into the mindset to create beautiful pieces!

Unlike the items that you use from around your home, our Sculpey® tools have a specific purpose — to shape and work clay! Their designs were thoughtfully planned to help you create the perfect effects on all kinds of different projects.

If you're looking for some inspiration for your next project, check out some amazing pieces from our friends and fans! You'll see the incredible detail and creativity that our community uses to make all kinds of crafty projects with our items.

For Beginners or Simple Structures

If you’re new to the world of creative claying or want to add patterns and details with easy tools, our Sculpey®Clay Tool Starter Set is perfect for you! The different multipurpose ends of the tools provide you with all the capabilities you need to make your clay creations shine. Use the needle end pointer to work in fine details, patterns, holes or lines, and use the knife end to create larger patterns and cut clay. For smoothing, blending and shape sculpting, try the flat end and blunt point. There’s even a stamp end to add special detail.

The Sculpey® 5-in-1 Tool Set is another fantastic and easy way to create the shapes you desire. With easily interchangeable heads including a metal ball end, blade, pointer and two flexible shaping tools, you’ll be well on your way to creating unique designs. And our 11-piece Sculpey® Essential Tool Kit will provide you with all the must-have tools for even more opportunities. Discover the crafter inside you and let your creativity blossom with these polymer clay tools for beginners!

For Slicing, Rolling and Detailing

If you’re delving into more detailed work, our tool options are numerous. For special smoothing and clay conditioning, the Sculpey® Acrylic Roller is a premium choice, while the Sculpey® Etch ‘n Pearl and Style & Design tools allow you to create intricate details and perfect patterns, and the Clay Conditioning Machine makes your clay sheets pliable.

The Super Slicer Set will safely help you handle all your cutting and curving needs. For an easier process and beautiful added texture, try our Texture Wheels and Texture Sheets.

For Beading

Is jewelry your forte? Discover the creative options of crafting your own beads with our variety of Sculpey® bead-making products like the Hollow Bead Maker, Bead Baking Rack and much more.

For Organizing

Tools aren’t all we carry — we also specialize in polymer clay accessories as well. Need a way to keep track of all your polymer clay tools? Keep our Sculpey® Tool Organizer handy to make the claying process simple.

Premium Tools for Premium Clay

With an inspiring variety of Sculpey® clay options and complementary tools to boot, we offer all you need to get your hands working and your imagination flowing. Choose the perfect polymer clay tools today to put your creativity into practice!

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