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Sculpey® Keepsake 

Capture life’s little moments and turn them into lifelong memories with clay Keepsake kits! From a baby’s first hand print to your beloved pets memorial paw print your memories are safe with us. Our Keepsake clay is shatterproof so your treasured memoires will last a lifetime. Makes the perfect gift for showers, new grandparents and pet owners!

Benefits of Clay Keepsake Kits

At Sculpey, our team and family of everyday creators love our clay keepsake kits for tons of reasons, including that they're:

  • A lasting gift: Whether you're picking up a clay handprint kit or one for pawprints, you can trust it's a purchase that will last — they're shatterproof.
  • A feel-good creation: With a clay footprint kit — or pawprint one — you're capturing and creating a piece of polymer clay with some of your favorite people.
  • A memory keeper: A baby handprint clay kit preserves a moment in time that your family can look back on and smile.

Of course, with all these feel-good items and memories, a keepsake can also turn into the best kind of tear-jerker.

How to Create a Clay Keepsake

If you've already purchased a clay keepsake kit and are ready to craft your one-of-a-kind ornament, why wait any longer? To create your keepsake, follow these steps:

  • Wash your hands, as well as your work surface.
  • Place wax paper or disposable foil on your surface, unless working on glass or metal.
  • Knead, or condition, your clay for two minutes or until pliable.
  • Create a round, smooth ball and place and flatten it into the included ring.
  • Flatten your polymer clay even more with your roller, making sure it's smooth and even.
  • Remove the clay from the ring by pushing on its sides with a gentle touch.
  • Clean your child's hand or foot — or your pet's paw or tag — by washing and drying it.
  • Imprint your child or pet's print by pressing their paw, hand or foot into the center of the clay.
  • Use a Needle End Pointer to create two holes at the top of your polymer clay.
  • Add details below your print, such as the name of your pet or child and the date of the keepsake.
  • Bake your keepsake ornament at the appropriate temperature and duration, allowing it to cool afterward.

For an extra touch, you can add a lock of your child's hair or pet's fur. Plus, if you're not happy with your first imprint, you can always flatten your clay and begin again!

Ideas for Clay Keepsake Kits

While the concept behind a clay keepsake kit is simple — capture your pet, family or friend's print — there are tons of ways to decorate and deliver your keepsake:

  • Surprise your child's godparents with a completed baby handprint clay kit.
  • If you are a vet, provide your clients with a complimentary pet clay pawprint kit.
  • Introduce your kids to polymer clay with a clay handprint kit for them to try with you.

If you're searching for decorative ideas, explore our clay craft ideas. Or, get started by purchasing your family's pet or baby handprint kit today!