Design Squad

Introducing the 2014-2015 Sculpey Design Squad

Gretchen Amberg- Rachel Hinderliter- Anke Humpert- Sherri Kellberg- Patti Kimle- Kari McKnight-Holbrook- Niki Meiners- Nadia Michaux- Katie Oskin- Shirley Rufener- Teresa Salgado- Ruth Steiner

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

New Color Tuesday! Teal Pearl Month

NCT Sep 2015-1

I’m starting with one of my most favorite colors to mix into last month’s featured clay, Opal.  The Teal Pearl is gorgeous in the Opal mixes, lending a soft tiny sparkle between the big, bold glitters of the Opal. YES, the Teal Pearl is Sculpey III YES, you can mix it into Premo or Souffle

Pandora’s Ring Box by Teresa Pandora Salgado

Teresa Blog- Box

Gift giving season is just around the corner; and, if you’re like me, a beautiful container makes any gift more fun to give. Polymer clay can make even the most ordinary box beautiful. Try this little one for starters and you’ll want to make them for everybody on your gift list.                 You will

New Color Tuesday! Opal Goes Red

NCT Aug 2015-4

Okay, big shocker here!  I DO NOT like the Sunset Pearl mix… this is the first thing I’ve mixed with the Sunset Pearl that I didn’t like and I thought it would be amazing..waa..waa I DO like the Sculpey III (S3) Princess Pearl and probably that Souffle So 80s in a 16:1 mix.  What do

Story Telling from the Cosmic Cafe


Wow, school is about to start again!  Having spent the summer with many of my teacher friends and fellow bloggers, I have been in many discussions about the value of children expressing themselves through story telling with imagination and creativity.  I dug into my licensing portfolio and put together a little story starter set for

New Color Tuesday! Bling Gets the Blues

NCT Aug 2015-3b

Yeah, try and pick just ONE of these mixes as your favorite! After about 3 weeks of looking at them, fondling them, letting them fall through my fingers like golden coins, I’ve decided that I love the Sculpey III (S3) Teal Pearl mix the most.   Once again, Row #2 is mixed 4 parts of Opal

Polymer Clay & Natural Elements by Sherri Kellberg


I love collecting shells, and making charm bracelets from polymer clay. I’ve combined the two into my Starfish & Florida shell bracelets. We have some gorgeous beaches here on the West coast of Florida, along with the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico! A perfect combination for fun in the Sun. As you

Stamp Creation and Beautiful Papers


Hi gang!  Kari McKnight Holbrook here~ I’ve been really thinking outside the box with my polymer clay lately, love using it as a tool rather than the finished work, and have found some THRILLING new ways to make stamps, printing and texture plates for my acrylic paintings and my gelli plate printing with clay!!!!  I’ve

Landscape Texture Sheets- Inspiration to Create Ring Dishes by Sherri Kellberg


One of my favorite new Sculpey  products are the Landscape Texture Sheets. You get 2 texture sheets in a pack,  one has 6 mini textures, the other is an all-over floral pattern.  I’ve found that it’s an easy way to add designs to my clay ring dishes.  The sheets are transparent, so it makes it

New Color Tuesday! The Greens Go Opal

I find this stacked view to be a more visual method of seeing the color progression!

Once again I’m selecting a variety of clays to mix with the Premo! Accents Opal – I’ve got a little Premo! A Sculpey II (S3) and a Souffle in the mix this week. The 4:1 mix line is 4 parts of Opal to 1 part of color.  Likewise the 8:1 mix line is 8 parts

New Color Tuesday – On Friday!!

NCT Aug 2015 bonus

A Friday edition because I couldn’t wait a day longer to share these with you!  As you know, I’m featuring mixes with the new Premo! Opal this month.  Soooo, I decided to try mixing with the new Glitter Golds and the results are some serious Bling!!!   2:1 is 2 parts Opal to 1 part

Working with Liquid Sculpey to Create Faux Raku by Sherri Kellberg

The pink/orange/gold tab bracelet was an experiment in Faux Raku.

    I’m working on some Faux Raku tab beads this week. Using brown hemp cord to assemble them into a bracelet. I used antique brass chain, and large end caps to complete the earthy look.         The pink/orange/gold tab bead bracelet, was an experiment of my version of Faux Raku. I

New Color Tuesday – Let the Bling Begin!

NCT Aug 2015-1-1

This is going to be one of the most interesting NCT months yet!  I’m going to mix families of colors with the new Premo! Accents Opal.   First up, will be the Purples – you will notice that there are purples from the Premo! line, the Sculpey 3 (S3) line and Souffle .  I’ve only mixed

New Color Tuesday! Sparkling Granite

July 2015-3

I have never done a NCT with Premo! Accents Grey Granite before and, frankly, I’m amazed that I haven’t! And now I’m really, really glad I did! The mixes proved to be most interesting! I can imagine these mixes being used as interesting accent pieces on boxes or even bezels for faux stones.  The August

Sculpt miniatures and turn them into accessories! by Nadia Michaux


I have sculpted plenty of miniatures in my lifetime and they are usually made for dollhouse hobbyists and dolls.           If you are not interested in dollhouses or dolls, you can always turn the miniatures into wearable accessories. These accessories make great gifts for food lovers or anyone who fancies quirky

Iced Sugar Cookies using Premo Cutters by Nadia Michaux


Let’s make these beautiful mini Iced Sugar Cookies using Premo Mini Metal cutters and TLS icing!                                                                                

Psychedelic Snail Cane by Teresa Pandora Salgado


Try this easy cane with stacks of different colors, shades of the same color, or even pearls and translucents divided by white. You’ll want to build it big for easy slicing and lots of experimentation. I suggest a full package of each color. Works great with Souffle, Premo or, as in this example, both!  <3

New Color Tuesday! Sparkling Wine Anyone?

July 2015-4

Again with a color I don’t use much! Souffle Bordeaux is such a RICH color and I often bypass it for Turnip.  But today, I decided that it would be our mix color for the week and what a mixer it turned out to be!  When it was mixed with all 3 colors every single

Sculpey as a Household Tool by syndee holt

a couple of the final pendants

We all joke that you can do anything with Sculpey, so I thought I would show you some of my recent “fixes” with Sculpey.  First, my gate latch.  I got tired of it not closing (when we slam it), so I put a little bit of baked, extuded clay in the back of it so

Fairy Wing Earrings by Teresa Pandora Salgado


I’m crazy about Premo White Translucent. I’ve used it in all kinds of projects, from sculpture to caning; but the easiest things to do with translucents are tinting and silk screening. This easy project will use those techniques and have you dreaming up all kinds of variations. Have fun and make several pairs. Everyone will

New Color Tuesday-Sparkling Pestos

July 2015-2

Is it me, or does that title sound like a wine? Sparkling Pestos…$3 a bottle at the Dollar Store or something. LOL  But these indeed, are Sparkling Pestos.  I mixed Sculpey Souffle Pesto with the 3 new Golds for some really pretty results.  I can’t decide how I like the Rose Gold mixes – to

My Inspirations by Nadia Michaux


 Littlest Sweet Shop is a world that I have created to showcase my miniature work. I wanted to have something that would stand out in the sea of other talented miniature artists so I made a sweet shop diorama to display my work and brought it to life. In order to create something that was

New Color Tuesday! Bring on the Sparklers

I thought it was rather appropriate in July, the month of hot dogs and sparklers here in the USA, to take a look at the newest Sculpey Sparklers (also made in the USA!) I’m talking about the new glitters, Premo! Accents Rose Gold Glitter (RG), Yellow Gold Glitter (YG) and White Gold Glitter(WG). I thought

A great way to use Sculpey Clay Softener by Nadia Michaux


Sculpey Clay Softener feels like oil and it will turn any old, dry and crumbly clay into pliable clay (just like fresh clay from the pack!). I’ve even used it on other branded polymer clay and even Sculpey Ultra Light. A little goes a long way so this small bottle will last for a very

New Color Tuesday!

NCT Jun 2015-4

Well, I’ve returned from my adventure in Northern California just in time for NCT!  We had a great private retreat claying, beading, claying, swimming,  beading.  But after spending the week with 6 LARGE dogs (3 Bouviers, a Mastiff, a German Shorthair and a Golden Doodle) my dogs seem so small!  I actually have to bend

New Color Tuesday – Moody Blues

NCT June 2015-5

Wow! I literally have an emotional response to these colors.  I don’t know how to explain it, soothing? relaxing?  Since neither of those words are EVER in my physical or emotional catalog, this is pretty new territory for me. I feel like I’ve been to the spa just looking at these colors – I guess

Sculpey GIves Us Another Handy Tool


When I  heard about the Sculpey Clay Decals, my first thought was, “Intriguing, but why do I need them?” Now I need to clarify something – my first thoughts are most often proved wrong – by myself.  Yep, I have used these little guys so many times lately, I can see that soon I will wonder

New Color Tuesday! Wisteria Neutrals

NCT 2015-4a

So, today we are going to look at what happens when you mix Premo! Wisteria with neutrals – Pearl, Ecru and  Gold (for good measure and I’m always fascinated with Gold). We’ve learned before (hellow Peacock) that sometimes when you mix out a color with Pearl, you get a surprising end color.  The Peacock Pearl mix  ended

New Color Tuesday- It’s Wine Time!

NCT Jun 2015-2-2

 Now, I confess – I prefer a good craft-brew beer to wine, but I’ve been known to have a glass of wine with my neighbors (we do tend to have impromptu gatherings on each others yards from time to time).   I KNOW  these colors aren’t the deep rich red colors of many wines, but

Clever Cutting Tools!

Lego Cane Slicer

Now this is a new concept and quite ingenious! Someone came up with a DIY cane slicer made out of Legos. I could not find the inventor’s name, but the caption mentioned that Nina Fletcher shared this image on her Facebook page, and that she had found the photo on Cat Szetu’s Flickr gallery. Just looking at

New Color Tuesday! The Sunset Lingers

NCT June 2015-1a1

May quit on me before I was done mixing!  So, I’m going to start with a couple of mixes of  Premo! Accents Sunset Pearl with Premo! Accents White Gold and Yellow Gold.  The metallic sheen is so strong, I had to shoot from an oblique angle again so that the colors would really show!  And