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Introducing the 2016 – 2017 Sculpey Design Squad

Gretchen Amberg- Rachel Hinderliter- Anke Humpert- Sherri Kellberg- Patti Kimle- Lee Kellogg – Miranda Farrand – Nadia Michaux- Katie Oskin- Shirley Rufener- Teresa Salgado-Ruth Steiner

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

Clay in the Classroom – Classroom Management Beads

Bake Shop Beads for Classroom Management Laura Kelly

It is the second day of sharing fabulous ways to use clay in the classroom.  Kids love love love to play with clay.  It is such a great way for them to create.  This activity is awesome because it supports your students in having a little bit f ownership in the classroom management system.  The

Clay in the Classroom – Mold Matchings

Mold Matchings Clay in the Classroom Laura Kelly

I am so exited to be sharing with you this WHOLE WEEK LONG with ways to use clay in the classroom.  For this first day I am sharing a project that is equally excited for kids to create as it is for them to use as a tool for learning.  Using clay to create molds

Quick & Easy Stud Earrings, the perfect handmade gift idea!


These colorful little stud earrings are easy to make, and fun to wear!  The design possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination! Try some of the foil ones at the top, use any small stamps to impress a design on the foil, or maybe a slice of an old cane, add a coat of

New Color Tuesday! Gettin the Blues Pt 4

I like premo! Accents 18K Gold – I think it’s a happy color.  And I certainly knew that teaming it with my blues would yield colors similar to the premo! Gold mix I did earlier this month, but I wanted a little more blue in these and I got it!  The 1:1 versions are all

Crackle Treasure Chest

main 1

  The last days of summer have arrived, although the sun is up all year round! I wanted to savor these last few weeks with a sunny project.  I dipped into my paper crafting supplies and pulled out some rub-on transfers.  I was pleasantly surprised when I rolled my rub-on transferred clay sheet with my

New Color Tuesday! I Got the Blues Pt 3


Its really hot here right now, especially in my Deluxe Designer Studio (that’s SoCal speak for a garage).  So I’m wondering if that’s why I decided to delve into the cool blues this month – they remind me of the cool water in the pool when we swim 3 times a week.  Anyway, I thought

Polymer Clay Ring Dishes – by Sherri Kellberg


  I’ve been busy this summer creating my Ring Dishes. I started making them last year around this time. They range from the simplest designs, to complex Millefiori patterns, Silk-screens, and Liquid Clay glazes. I love to experiment with color and texture, as shown in my applied “Daisy’s” Dish, and my “Butterflies are Free” dish.

Polly Shops- Martin Pottjewijd


Polly just couldn’t help herself with all the beautiful colors!

New Color Tuesday (afternoon) – The Blues Pt 2


I was ready for some colors when I mixed the Souffle Blues with Premo! Accents Purple Pearl, but this is an EXPLOSION of color!  Wow!  I can’t even begin to pick a favorite, but I’m leaning towards that 1:1 Lagoon (L)/Purple Pearl (PP). The other two 1:1s look like the Souffle version of  Premo! Wisteria

Back to School with Sculpey

Chore Chart Back to School Sculpey

It is back to school time and I have created an easy peasy project that you can do with your students or children to support successful transitions and learning.  Kiddos do great with progress charting and measurement of their good decisions.  This chart is bound to be super helpful and making it is really fun!

New Color Tuesday! The Blues Battle


 I’ve also realized that the blue colors are dramatically underused in my work.  So I decided to dedicate this month to the blues.  And since I couldn’t pick out just one blue, I’ve used the 3 blues in the Souffle line, Lagoon, Sea Glass and Robin Egg.  I don’t consider Bluestone to be a true”blue”

Ocean Waves -Shirley Rufener

Image 1

Today I’s like to share with you another summertime design. These earrings use my faux mosaic tile technique and are created with a small plastic stencil and soft pastel chalks. I’ve always been a blue jeans kinda’ girl because they match everything, right? The basic technique involves pressing a lightly water spritzed stencil (small tile

Squares – Martin Pottjewijd


New Color Tuesday! Bronze Pt 4


I don’t know.  I can’t decide.  Is it possible to be attracted to a color, but not really like it?  That’s how I feel about that 1:1 Wisteria/Bronze mix.  Maybe I like the color, but can’t fathom a way to use it?  I think it would be amazing used with Periwinkle, which has a little

New Color Tuesday! Bronze Pt 3


I didn’t really expect any surprises when I mixed Souffle Canary with Premo! Bronze, but right off the bat BAM! A surprise.  Does that 1:1 look like classic Gold or what? I also didn’t expect Canary to be so strong against the Bronze, but 2 parts Canary to 1 part Bronze is almost a key

A tip from me to you, Anke Humpert

I really love bracelets and over the years I made lots of them. Of course I want to have a great design on the outside of the bracelet. after all that is what you see most of the time. But I also find it very important to have a nicely done inside and it should feel good when I wear my

New Color Tuesday! Bronze Pt 2


So of course, I had to see what Premo! Accents Bronze would do when mixed with Premo! Yellow Gold Glitter. The results are very similar to the the Souffle Cinnamon/ Yellow Gold Glitter mixes I did last month.  I do think that the Souffle has a different way of spreading the glitter in a more

New Color Tuesday- Bronze Pt 1


Ahem….I didn’t exactly forget New Color Tuesday, but it’s really Second Monday with the holiday.  I had just sat down after packing for Bordeaux and getting my paperwork together and the alarm in my head said, “Tuesday!  NCT!” So I had so much fun with Souffle Cinnamon last month, I decided to add a little

Change is in the Air- Shirley Rufener


Change is in the air for me this month and it seems I am not alone. I am still claying of course, that will never change, but I have zeroed in on a new audience….kids! I’m still a kid at heart and I’ve definitely been into bright, cheery colors this year. My new found interest

I Can See Clearly Now! Shirley Rufener


I’ve heard that fashion trends or styles always come back! I remember making clear hair bows filled with small candies in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Recently I noticed a resurgence of these bows created for summertime fun in the sun, and in the pool! There are “water bows” which actually have some type

New Color Tuesday! Cinnamon Mixes Pt 4

Jun NCT 3a

Oh yeah…let’s get to the metallic mixes.  I was curious to see how the Souffle Cinnamon would affect the Premo! Metallics.  I really, really like how the metallics seem to “break up” when mixed with the Souffle, allowing the individual flakes to show.  And I love every one of these color mixes.  Antique Gold seems

My Studio – Nadia Michaux

In my last blog post I showed the main tools I use to make and create my miniature world. Today you will be given a tour around my studio/workshop where all the magic is created.               I share the space with my walk-in wardrobe which is located on the

New Color Tuesday! Cinnamon Mixes Pt 3

Jun NCT 3

It IS a danger of being retired and working from home….I just realized that it was Tuesday! Believe it or not, (me of the brighter, wilder the better colors) I think that this is one of my favorite mixes.  These are such soothing colors to me. It’s a warm and cold clash that works! I

A teaching trip to Florida by Anke Humpert


I came back from a teaching trip to Florida on the 1st of June. I am still in the process of digesting all my impressions, but I did not want too much time go by before I share some of my experiences with you.           My first stop was at Lake

New Color Tuesday! Cinnamon Mixes Pt 2

Jun NCT 2

Wow! I want all three of these mix color on my walls right now. I especially love that 2P/1C mix – I’m gonna have to use that in a project for sure! Mixing with the Cinnamon is interesting because I keep expecting to get a red somehow, but I get these lovely warm colors. I

Tools that you will need to make miniature food by: Nadia Michaux

Paints and colours

There are so many types of Polymer Clay artists/hobbyists out there and each of us use different types of tools and equipment that suits us best. My work is primarily focused on making miniature food and these are some of the tools that I use. Polymer Clay is a great medium and tools will improve

New Color Tuesday-Cinnamon Mixes Pt 1

Jun NCT 1

The new Souffle Cinnamon is one strong color!  Drop it into any color scheme and it’s gonna be the boss. Black and White and Cinnamon..elegant, classy and STRONG.  Turquoise, Green and Cinnamon..earthy and STRONG. It’s an amazing color, so I decided to see how it mixes.  First up, Cinnamon and Souffle Cowboy.  Now, I think