Design Squad

Introducing the 2013-2014 Sculpey Design Squad

Karolina Söderberg - Melanie Muir - Miranda Farrand - Carole Monahan-Kamfe – Syndee Holt
Patti Kimle - Shirley Rufener - Niki Meiners -Kari McKnight-Holbrook - Gretchen Amberg

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

TBT – The Treasures in my China Cabinet

TBT china cabinet

My mother’s china cabinet has always proudly displayed the beautiful china my grandmother painted.  Over the years though, it’s become the repository for my treasures as well.  My old jewelry box my father brought from Japan, a couple of old green Army men we have randomly found years after the battles were waged (we call

Another mold, this one courtesy of Spring!

Is it Spring where you live?  I’m in the midwest and it’s really crazy.  In the space of 9 days, I froze in the stands at 2 soccer evenings, and got a sunburn at a third event between the two!  And Monday I woke up to the sound of the snowplow at four in the

Where inspiration comes from?

Ever see something and think, “ooh, that’d be cool in clay?”  Well, if it’s something you see repeatedly, you’d probably better just do it! Such was the case for me. About two weeks or so ago, I bought a new tablecloth for my dining table.  In the screen printed pattern, there are many variations of

What can YOU do with stripes?

Block of black white final all

I’m building on my black and white swap post from a couple of days ago. Black and white is still trending for Spring and Summer, so  I challenged myself to see what I could make with a block of black and white striped Premo! clay.  My block was 2×21/2 inches and about 14 layers high (on

TBT the first bead swap!

In the Grand Ole Days of polymer clay, there was an artist living in Alabama/Georgia who organized twelve of us for a “Birthday Club” at one of the first Ravensdales (so we are talking 1998ish).  Someone had a birthday each month and we all made the very best clay creation to send to them. And

Adorable Clay Spring Chick Decorations


Easter is right around the corner and as the weather starts to think about warming up I am ready to decorate and add some touches of adorable fun to my home.  I made these adorable spring chicks using the designs in my licensing portfolio to get started and can’t wait to share them. The first

TBT (Throwback Thursday) – the Beginning

TBT first piece

Here is the very first necklace that I created about 24 years ago.  My babysitter and I had got our hands on a small (self-printed, I think) book by David Edwards on polymer clay and millifiori.  It’s not too bad, except of course, I thought Flesh (now Beige) belonged in a milliefiori pattern.  Still the

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

3-12 pt3

I was processing my photos on my camera card and I came across this photo from a couple of weeks ago.  As usual, I was making a last minute necklace to go with a new blouse before I left for a trip.  It had some rather tricky color mixing to make the matches.  I tend

Inspired by color

Sculpey Color Combination INspiration 8

I was inspired by color from a recent fabric dyeing project.  I might try to recreate the look of the fabric in clay.  I think it would look great set in a bezzle and turned into a focal for a necklace.  These colors would look good for a few different seasons depending on what was

Can’t get any easier than this!


So this is my new favorite “set” at my house to do a quick glamour shot of a finished piece.  Looks nice right?  Nice light tent set up? Except that it’s not.  It’s shot on my table on the deck with a great prop book that Iris gave me (actually she gave it to me

I’m a little obsessed…(so what else is new?)

pluffy knit1

So after having a box of Pluffy sitting in my “deluxe designer studio” (yeah, it’s a garage) for almost a year, I’ve suddenly become obsessed with it.  I had sent a photo of a project I had just designed and she wrote me back, “Can you do it in Pluffy?” CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!  Pluffy, like it’s

I want it, I’ll build it!

sponge holder

No thanks major department stores!  As a matter-of-fact I DON’T want a boring sponge holder with suctions cups (seriously, it’s the 21st century – we all know they don’t work!). I’m trying to do the right thing and get a sponge holder to help cut down on bacteria left in an always-wet sponge. First of

Make a dog lover happy

dogs 2

I wanted to share a holiday success story with you.  I have a great friend from work who is not only an Ortho Trauma P.A., but she is so talented at beading and crafting! She also has raised and trained champion Bouvier de Flanders dogs.  Now in case you can’t immediately recall just what a

CHA is no longer a marathon

Well, I’m back from the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) after dropping Iris and Jen from Polyform off at the airport this morning and driving home.  The show was REALLY small and really quiet by the end of the first afternoon. Trends? chalk – EVERYONE was pushing chalk paint, chalk pens for any and all

Sculpey and Pearl Ex – A match made in heaven

PX new 3_0_hz-med

With the big Craft and Hobby Association trade show just days away, I thought I would review the new Pearl Ex colors for you and at the same time, drop some tips on how to work with Pearl Ex (or any micro powder) on Sculpey clays. First, the good stuff.  The new colors are highly

This One Took a Left Turn

left turn necklace final

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I’m taking advantage of my two extra days off by spending time at my clay table experimenting and preparing for my January blog month on These were *supposed” to be bracelet blanks I was going to cover. (You know, the kind you put on a soda can like I did

Seven in the series of Color Combinations

Color C 7

This color combination is brought to you from another foral arrangement. I really do have a thing for flowers and yet another picture from the Flower Market in NYC.  Mother nature makes the most interesting combinations.  I know this is not a combination that I would pick on my own, yet somehow it looks great

Round robin bracelet


It’s my turn!  The round robin package got to me this week.  I excitedly opened the package to see what the other gals contributed. Here’s the beads that came to me: Since the beads were nearly 7″ already, I knew I couldn’t add anything too wide.  I wanted to unify the beads and provide the

Color Combination and Inspiration #6

Color Combination 11

The picture for the Color Combination Inspiration came from a trip to NYC.  I had to make a stop at my favorite store, ABC Home and Carpet.  I could spend hours in the store shopping and taking pictures.  The home store has 5 floors of pure awesomeness.  Each time I go to the store their

Holiday Help from Homemade Holidays 101

We are always looking for inspiration from our partners in the DIY communties and we have found a great site that offers just that. Homemade Holidays 101 is a great place to find project ideas for cooking, crafting and gift making. Besides having a creative blog and newsletter, you are able to download ebooks for

polymer decoys for the holidays


Have you ever had a gift you were giving in your family that really couldn’t go under the tree?  Or shouldn’t because it would be obvious what it was? One of my kids asked for a guitar for Christmas this year.  I found a nice one on a used items exchange list.  But the box

Color Combination and Inspiration #5

color insp 6

Color Inspiration can be found almost anywhere, but I think mother nature provides the best color pallet.  Not quite sure that these are purely mother natures work, their might be a little dye involved.  wink wink.  But no matter what the results are lovely and inspiring.  I hope you enjoy the combinations and create some

Juried exhibit entries

winding path collar1

It’s that time of year again for me… no, not Christmas, it’s the entry deadline for my local art center’s juried craft design show. Juried shows are always a dilemma for me.  I don’t enter my “usual” designs or those which form the staples in my wholesale or retail lines.  I guess I expect that

Button and clay christmas ornaments

Ornament for Sculpey blog

The project today is a part of an ornament hop with the line of Laura Kelly buttons from Buttons Galore and More and and a few of our crafty friends.  The hop participants were asked to make ornamnts no bigger than three inches.  The ornament I chose to make is using one of my favorite

Color Inspiration #4

Color Inspriation 5a

This color inspiration is a photo from a flower market in New York city.  I was there earlier in the year and managed to snp a couple of photos before the battery in my camera died.  Insert super sad face here.  The market had every flower imaginable.  There were boxes everywhere loaded with fragrant bouquets.

Color Combination and Inspiration #3

Sculpey collage 3

This color combintaion was inspired by a pile of dishtowels at World Market.  I loved the bold bright colors.  The clay colors I picked to match are from the Pluffy line. If you have kids and havenot tried the pluffy line, you should.  It is light weight, easy to work with and super fun.  My

Finely Crafted Polymer

My “Honey-Bunch” and I just got back a wonderful weekend getaway in the beautiful area in and around Douglas & Saugatuck, Michigan. During our time in the area we made a point of checking out the local small brewery, a winery, and a wonderful place that does craft ciders.  While enjoying all of the flavors

The Gift of Guild Membership

Whether or not you belong to a guild of some kind I think you can understand my message.  During my time as a member of the Chicago Area Polymer Clay Guild I have learned the value of belonging to a community of artists; however, the recent loss of a member has given me a deeper

Color Combination and Inspiration #2

Polymer Clay Color Combination week 2

Last week I posted a color combination and had several emails asking for more.   Who knew picking colors would be so popular?  Not me, that is for sure.   I thought I might try to bring you a new one each week through the rest of the year. I love photography and will go

Color Combination and Inspiration

Garden Statue Color Combination Inspiration words

Color combinations are a struggle for many crafters. As an artist I am a frequently asked how to put together great color combinations.  Color inspiration, for me is all around.  You have to open your eyes and learn to look for the way nature pairs them.  Often I find great color combinations at the unlikeliest