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Introducing the 2016 – 2017 Sculpey Design Squad

Gretchen Amberg- Rachel Hinderliter- Anke Humpert- Sherri Kellberg- Patti Kimle- Lee Kellogg – Miranda Farrand – Nadia Michaux- Katie Oskin- Shirley Rufener- Teresa Salgado-Ruth Steiner

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

New Color Tuesday! Bronze Pt 3


I didn’t really expect any surprises when I mixed Souffle Canary with Premo! Bronze, but right off the bat BAM! A surprise.  Does that 1:1 look like classic Gold or what? I also didn’t expect Canary to be so strong against the Bronze, but 2 parts Canary to 1 part Bronze is almost a key

A tip from me to you, Anke Humpert

I really love bracelets and over the years I made lots of them. Of course I want to have a great design on the outside of the bracelet. after all that is what you see most of the time. But I also find it very important to have a nicely done inside and it should feel good when I wear my

New Color Tuesday! Bronze Pt 2


So of course, I had to see what Premo! Accents Bronze would do when mixed with Premo! Yellow Gold Glitter. The results are very similar to the the Souffle Cinnamon/ Yellow Gold Glitter mixes I did last month.  I do think that the Souffle has a different way of spreading the glitter in a more

New Color Tuesday- Bronze Pt 1


Ahem….I didn’t exactly forget New Color Tuesday, but it’s really Second Monday with the holiday.  I had just sat down after packing for Bordeaux and getting my paperwork together and the alarm in my head said, “Tuesday!  NCT!” So I had so much fun with Souffle Cinnamon last month, I decided to add a little

Change is in the Air- Shirley Rufener


Change is in the air for me this month and it seems I am not alone. I am still claying of course, that will never change, but I have zeroed in on a new audience….kids! I’m still a kid at heart and I’ve definitely been into bright, cheery colors this year. My new found interest

I Can See Clearly Now! Shirley Rufener


I’ve heard that fashion trends or styles always come back! I remember making clear hair bows filled with small candies in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Recently I noticed a resurgence of these bows created for summertime fun in the sun, and in the pool! There are “water bows” which actually have some type

New Color Tuesday! Cinnamon Mixes Pt 4

Jun NCT 3a

Oh yeah…let’s get to the metallic mixes.  I was curious to see how the Souffle Cinnamon would affect the Premo! Metallics.  I really, really like how the metallics seem to “break up” when mixed with the Souffle, allowing the individual flakes to show.  And I love every one of these color mixes.  Antique Gold seems

My Studio – Nadia Michaux

In my last blog post I showed the main tools I use to make and create my miniature world. Today you will be given a tour around my studio/workshop where all the magic is created.               I share the space with my walk-in wardrobe which is located on the

New Color Tuesday! Cinnamon Mixes Pt 3

Jun NCT 3

It IS a danger of being retired and working from home….I just realized that it was Tuesday! Believe it or not, (me of the brighter, wilder the better colors) I think that this is one of my favorite mixes.  These are such soothing colors to me. It’s a warm and cold clash that works! I

A teaching trip to Florida by Anke Humpert


I came back from a teaching trip to Florida on the 1st of June. I am still in the process of digesting all my impressions, but I did not want too much time go by before I share some of my experiences with you.           My first stop was at Lake

New Color Tuesday! Cinnamon Mixes Pt 2

Jun NCT 2

Wow! I want all three of these mix color on my walls right now. I especially love that 2P/1C mix – I’m gonna have to use that in a project for sure! Mixing with the Cinnamon is interesting because I keep expecting to get a red somehow, but I get these lovely warm colors. I

Tools that you will need to make miniature food by: Nadia Michaux

Paints and colours

There are so many types of Polymer Clay artists/hobbyists out there and each of us use different types of tools and equipment that suits us best. My work is primarily focused on making miniature food and these are some of the tools that I use. Polymer Clay is a great medium and tools will improve

New Color Tuesday-Cinnamon Mixes Pt 1

Jun NCT 1

The new Souffle Cinnamon is one strong color!  Drop it into any color scheme and it’s gonna be the boss. Black and White and Cinnamon..elegant, classy and STRONG.  Turquoise, Green and Cinnamon..earthy and STRONG. It’s an amazing color, so I decided to see how it mixes.  First up, Cinnamon and Souffle Cowboy.  Now, I think

New Color Tuesday- Ugg to Ahhh Wrap Up

1 to 1s

Wow, it’s the end of May.  I would say that I can’t believe it, but we are in the midst of our annual “May Gray/June Gloom” here on the coast, so there is no denying the date!  It has been a busy month of travel and teaching for me, but I do have the June

Somewhere Over The Clay Rainbow

Clay Rainbow Confetti Jar

Rainbows are so bright, colorful and fun to create.  This rainbow makes a great decoration for a jar but would also work fantastic as part of a wrapped gift, an ornament or the accent piece of a wreath.  I used my fave clay, Bake Shop, to make this one and had a ball doing it.

New Color Tuesday – Ugg to Ahhh Part 4

I got confused at the end of April and posted this first post too soon. In my defense, the broken foot, the wedding, the gall bladder..LOL Anyway, I think this is a special mix and I wanted to make sure that you all got a chance to see it!  Next week I’ll post my final

New Color Tuesday Uggg to Ahhh Part 3

There have been MANY times that I wanted a nice terra cotta color that wasn’t too dark, but still had a rich tone to it.  Well, it seems that I’ve found 4 of them by mixing Souffle Mocha and Cinnamon! As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an old print retoucher and I see my favorite shadow

Contract Signed – Polly & Mur

We are excited to announce the return of Polly & Mur! Looking forward to see whats next for the duo from Martin Pottjewijd stay tuned!

New Color Tuesday – Uggg to Ahhh Part 3

May 3

Oh now this one was pretty fun!  Both of these colors are trending home decor colors – the Mocha for a neutral and the Pistachio or “that pop of color”.  The first line of mixes creates some colors that I’m at a loss to describe – I guess most people would call them “muddy greens”

Anglian Polymer Clay Guild Recap by Nadia Michaux


Last year I wrote about my Anglian Polymer Clay Guild meet-up. We are a group of polymer clay enthusiasts based around East Anglia (in Great Britain) and we do a bi-monthly gathering to share demonstrations (and support each other in the craft). For the most recent meet-up, we decided to call it the ‘Colour Workshop’

New Color Tuesday – Ugg to Ahhh Part 2

May 2

As I said last week, I always “think” I dislike a new color, only to have it become one of my favorites.  This month I’m sharing why that happened with the new Souffle Mocha. I wanted to see how well two of the new Souffle colors played with each other and I wasn’t disappointed.  ALL of

Bakeable Mixed Media Products

Oven Safe Bakeables

All month I have been addressing the ever important question, “what can I use with polymer clay” here on the blog. Today we are going to discuss not what you can use on polymer, but what exactly polymer can go on… In other words, here’s a short list of things that can safely go in

New Color Tuesday: Spring Lawns Pt 4

NCTApril final_1

This was another unusual mix for me – I really didn’t have a clear path to the mix color I needed – and of course, I wanted to add my two color crushes, Ecru and Pomegranate, to the mixes to see what happened. I really like the mixes on the right side of the palette,

New Color Tuesday – Ugg to Ahhh Pt 1

May 1

Yes, indeed.  I’ve learned my lesson!  If I see a new color and think, “ugg”, it’s GUARANTEED that I will soon be cooing, “ahhh” about that very same color.  And yes, it’s happened AGAIN.  The new Souffle color Mocha didn’t impress me when I pulled my unextruded lump of Mocha out of the (treasure) box of

What is Polymer Clay Mixed Media?

Polymer Clay & Mixed Media

This month, I have been focusing on helping each of you understand how polymer clay might work and mix with other craft products. By definition, polymer clay that has anything done to it instantly becomes a “mixed media” project, piece, or design. So whether you add something on the surface of the clay or add it

New Color Tuesday: Spring Lawns Pt 3

Uncharted territory for me! Cool lavenders..

The week is the cool lavenders in the watercolor by my cousin, Doris Ettlinger.  I’m still continuing my exploration of Ecru – Julie Picarillo discovered Ecru eons ago and I’m just getting on the bandwagon.  And get out of here!  Premo! Periwinkle and Ecru 1:1 make the most beautiful deep grey!   Whaat??? But when