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Introducing the 2014-2015 Sculpey Design Squad

Gretchen Amberg- Rachel Hinderliter- Anke Humpert- Sherri Kellberg- Patti Kimle- Kari McKnight-Holbrook- Niki Meiners- Nadia Michaux- Katie Oskin- Shirley Rufener- Teresa Salgado- Ruth Steiner

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

New Color Tuesday Part II: The Moroccan Souffle

Jan 4 Souffle all

I felt like I had rather slighted the Souffle clays when I nonchalantly mentioned at the beginning of the month that I didn’t need to make mix charts for the Souffle colors because they WERE the Moroccan colors already.  They are jewely colors right out of the package.  But I decided to do a color

New Color Tuesday Part I: The Moroccan Blues

Jan 4 blue all

(I typed that title and immediately tried to wrap my head around what Moroccan blues music would sound like. Still got the head tilted on that one!) This is going to be a busy week for the NCT blog.  Not only am I presenting the last of the color groups for the Moroccan theme, but

Playing in the Scrap Pile

NCT moroccan earrings sm

I looked at last week’s mix scraps from the Moroccan red/orange group and I couldn’t just let them sit there.  I really liked this soft purple color that was mixed- it reminds me of Turnip in Souffle (actually, it COULD be Turnip, since it’s in the scrap heap!).  I got these great earring findings at

New Color Tuesday! The Moroccan Greens

Jan 3 Greens all

I’m love me some greens!  These were really fun, but I have to say that I didn’t get any color really that I may like better than Premo! Spanish Olive.  I also have a little bonus Bright Green Pearl mix at the end of this.  I also have to say bear with me as I

Embracing the Hideous


Embracing the Hideous Teresa Pandora Salgado Keep this to yourself, ok? Sometimes I make some truly ugly canes. No lie, my friends. I blend and blend and reduce and reduce and combine and combine and I manage to create something not only underwhelming, but downright grotesque. Such was the case with the cane used in

What’s Black and White and Cool All Over?


What’s Black and White and Cool All Over? By Teresa Pandora Salgado We live in a world of wonder and abundance…well, clay-wise that is; and that’s good enough for me! I love having the choice between making complex cane projects that require hours of work, to quick creations that require nothing but clay and cool

Sculpey Soufflé- The Chameleon of Clay


Sculpey Soufflé-The Chameleon of Clay Right off the bat I’ll admit it. Thoughts of polymer clay and its particular properties dominate way too many of my waking hours. Here’s my rationale, though: I could be worrying about lots of other stuff I can’t control, like climate change, cybercrime, and the catastrophic caloric content of Pop

New Color Tuesday! The Moroccan Reds

Jan 2 Reds all

I know, I know, there are also oranges and yellows.  The Moroccan Warm Tones then?  I love every single color in this palette.  I started with Premo! Raw Sienna then mixed with Premo! Cad Red, Orange and Cad Yellow.  I”m going to split each color mix out individually, so let’s get started shall we?  

Who Doesn’t Love Images?

party time

Who Doesn’t Love Images? Over the years there have been many image transfer techniques developed. Allow me to share two newer ideas for you to try. The first is simple rub-on transfers. You will need to bake a flat or domed white clay piece as your base. This keeps the colors true. These “PARTY TIME”

The Cane Mutiny: Bending Millefiore


The Cane Mutiny: Bending Millefiore by Teresa Pandora Salgado I love to cane. If not for incidentals such as bathing, eating and sleeping, I’d make cane 24/7. I think it’s because I’m a rebel (ok, a rebel with OCD). I need constant opportunities to experiment and grow, and that’s what millefiore caning allows me to

New Color Tuesday: The Marsalas

Jan 1 Bronze 1

Pantone has announced that the Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala, which is a gorgeous color that goes so well with so many different color palettes.  Plus, it can be metallic or non-metallic.  If you don’t like to mix colors, Premo! Accents Bronze, right out of the package is a pretty darn close

Molded Brooch For All Seasons

Ch brooch

Molded Brooch For All Seasons by Shirley Rufener Have you ever thought of using some of your vintage jewelry to make molds from, and then casting polymer clay replicas of the design? That is how I created this festive brooch. Even though I’ve used holiday colors you can change those to soft Spring pastels, bright tropical hues or

What to do When I Have the Flu?

Clay Fever

Written by: Miranda Farrand What to do when I have the flu…well; make a crazy critter or ten. My new year rang in like many others I’m sure, sick and feverish laying in bed. I certainly didn’t want to start the first day of a new year that way but apparently the flu bug thought

RING in the New Year!


What better way to start the off the year than to have some fun making some rings! They are small so they are not too time consuming and the best part is that you can often use left over pieces from past projects. I use the Sculpey bezels as my pattern by turnng it over

2015 Sculpey Design Squad


Introducing the 2015 Sculpey Design Squad! Learn more about these talented clayers by clicking on their names: Gretchen Amberg Rachel Hinderliter Anke Humpert Sherri Kellberg Patti Kimle Kari McKnight-Holbrook Niki Meiners Nadia Michaux Katie Oskin Shirley Rufener Teresa Salgado Ruth Steiner

Super Easy Bell Flowers


I just want to show you how easy it can be to make some nice bell flowers. Just make a sheet of clay in your favorite colour , mabye a skinner blend or just a one toned sheet. Use the round cutters to punch out circles,any size you want. Roll them up in one end

New Color Tuesday – the Top Ten of 2014

#10 All the Mai Tai mix colors from July

I seem to careen along a creative highway zooming from one challenge to the next, one design to the next, one technique to the next and I don’t often look back. Like that project or post? Too bad, because I’m already zooming off to new ideas and hopefully, new frontiers. Call for Proposals to teach

Creative Map #4 How Hard Can It Be?

Creative Map #4

Just thought I would pop in and share some of the stuff I’ve been trying to work on when I have a few moments during the holidays.  As you know, I’ve been OBSESSED with mixing the Moroccan colors for the NCT in January.  I started by mixing the Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala.  Well,

Sculpey’s Top 3 Most Popular Projects of 2014!

PicMonkey Collage

In case you missed these, here are our three most popular projects of 2014.  Just click on the image to go directly to the project. Enjoy!  

New Color Tuesday -Green Gets the Blues

Premo! Green, Ultramarine Blue and Turquoise

For my final Green mix I decided to try some blues.  I expected to produce some really pretty teals and greens, but not so much with the Ultramarine Blue.  Since I’ve been on such a Turquoise kick, I added a little Turquoise into the mix.  Now THERE are some pretty colors! That last mix with

Premo Penguin debuts on TV!


Premo Penguin debuts on TV! Have you heard of Bubble Gum necklaces? I hadn’t until my niece (a teacher) saw some of her young students wearing them to class. They are chunky beaded necklaces for baby girls-up through adults really-that are adorable! They aren’t hard to make and many are showing up with polymer clay

New Color Tuesday- Green Goes Metallic

Dec 5

I wanted to see what the effect of mixing Premo! Green with the various metallics would be.  Not too many surprises, except that I really like the Gr/C mixes the best. Then I decided to do some three-way mixes and Wow!  I think I just mixed my favorite metallic!  The 1Gr/1B/2G mix is GORGEOUS!  and

The Perfect Gift- A Handmade Sculpey Ornament


Does it seem to you like the holidays seem to arrive earlier each year, or is it just me? Thanksgiving came and went and I can’t believe that Christmas is just a few weeks away! I love making handmade gifts but sometimes I just don’t have enough time. If you can relate, here’s a few

New Color Tuesday – Holiday Mints

Pantone Lucite Green 14-5714 Color Report Spring 2015

Well, hey!  This jolly old Premo! Green is proving to be a very interesting color.  I thought I would do a mix with Premo! White to see how “minty” it would become, since there are so many mint colored textiles appearing on the Spring fashion runways. I thin that each of these versions is a

The Creative Map to the Teal Rabbit Hole

Click on this beast to enlarge it so you can follow the map.

This is what happens when I have a nice little pile of pretty colored scraps left over from the New Color Tuesday mix (  I HAD to see how far I could go with these scraps (scraps to scraps, so to speak).   It was always, “but wait, what if…” As the map shows, I

New Color Tuesday – Down the Rabbit Hole (again..)

Premo! Green and Premo! Accents Peacock yield all great colors.

I asked, you responded. I asked what color to mix for December and you responded “blues and greens”.  I immediately thought, “Oh, in search of the perfect teal..”  Now, I was fully aware that the search would lead me down a rabbit hole, filled with beautiful blues, greens, turquoise, even mints.  What I didn’t realize

And Christmas is upon us!

I’ve been paying particular attention this year to pocket-sized handmade art pieces.    Sculpey never fails me when I need to work small.  I love to be able to have a literal forest of Christmas trees  in an afternoon.  Or and abundance of small hostess gifts for holiday parties in just a few hours. I

A little project to do over the holidays


So, have you noticed how BIG tiny is right now?  Tiny boxes, miniature foods, tiny animals?  And fairies!  Fairy houses, fairy doors… So when I stumbled upon this little gingerbread house cookie cutter by Wilton, my mind immediately went to my beloved Sculpey!  And though I started out with a “gingerbread color” I intend to

Polymer inspiration on the side of the road

So I was going to post a little project I had designed while I was away on a visit to the family. However, on a stop to rest our legs at the Berea KY Arts and Craft center, I ran across the most fascinating artists polymer cane work!  Artists James C. Rich and Diana Smith

New Color Tuesday! Whaaaaat?


First, I’m  happy to report that I have full use of all 10 fingers now for typing.  I graduated from a cast to a brace on my left hand yesterday.  First thing I’m going to do at the clay table is take the brace off and roll a ball of clay in my palms.  I