Design Squad

Introducing the 2013-2014 Sculpey Design Squad

Karolina Söderberg - Melanie Muir - Miranda Farrand - Carole Monahan-Kamfe – Syndee Holt
Patti Kimle - Shirley Rufener - Niki Meiners -Kari McKnight-Holbrook - Gretchen Amberg

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

No sew Pumpkins with Sculpey Polymer Clay stems

Sculpey Pumpkin stems - New sew fabric pumpkins

Create stems for your no sew decorative pumpkins with Sculpey Polymer Clay.  These pumpkins are pretty quick and easy to make.  You do not even have to sew.    If you know how you could, but with my special tip you will not have to sew. This is a front view of the stems. Material

Polymer fascination.


A little while ago i was selling at a local small fair or market. First of all i forgot all my displays at home, i had with me only my designs, a table and the boxes that i carry the stuff in.  I realized this when i already was to far from home. But it

Orange You Glad It’s New Color Tuesday?


Ok, sorry for the bad pun in the title, but I couldn’t help it! I’m excited this week, this is like TWO uncharted territories for me – Premo! Accents Copper and Premo! Orange.  I don’t mix a lot with orange, other than maybe a little yellow or white.  I love the mixes with Copper, they

New Color Tuesday – Mining Copper


Okay, so I’m sort of fascinated (fixated?) with Premo! Accents Copper this month.  Originally, I was going to do 2 weeks of Premo! mix and 2 weeks of Souffle mix, but I got so intrigued with the Premo!  I am doing the whole month with Premo! First up is Copper mixed with Premo! Accents Purple

Notes from the Prescott Retreat

doll victoria

First of all, they have the BEST venue EVER!  It’s a rustic camp, but the amenities!  If you didn’t want to hike the 1/2 mile to the chow hall, they sent a bus.  And every evening, a tray of fresh cookies magically appeared! All the artists attending get a FULL TABLE to themselves!  Ahhh, room

My favorite things

pewter necklace

My favorite things made with Sculpey brands of polymer clay is a collection of things I have saved on pinterest because want to try to make some version of it or try the technique. First up is a Sock Monkey, not only is it adorable just because it is a sock monkey, but it is

He”art”felt Expressions


One of my greatest joys as an artist is the sharing of my love of art with my children. My youngest child never misses an opportunity to deliver custom-made “to: Mommy-mail”. She recently paired up a polymer clay heart that she made (age 6) with a letter that she wrote to me. Needless to say,

New Color Tuesday! It’s All About Copper

sep 5

So I’ve just unpacked my clothing from my trip to the fantastic Arizona Polymer Clay Guild retreat in Prescott (more on that later!).  My clay stuff is waiting for me to unpack in the garage.  It was funny when I crossed the state line back into California, they always have a check station to see

Boo! It’s Claytime Playtime with Halloween Tic Tac Toe

Sculpey TTT

I LOVE the autumn season and get a little crazy when it comes to creating projects, games and fun for Halloween.  This claytime playtime Halloween Tic Tac Toe is so simple and fun to make…and to play! I used Pluffy clay for this creation. I rolled the orange into 5 small balls and then pushed

PC workshop.


Something really cute happend here! My girl has a best friend , they love to play together and when her friends visits they are really busy. They are playing and talking about life. They have so funny discussions and i really enjoy listening to them. Both are 4 years old so you can probably guess

Homemade Texture Tool

I’m pretty sure it comes from necessity, that as a mother, I need to be able to cram a lot of tasks into a small amount of time. When it comes to my critter sculpting it’s no different. I made this simple texture tool from left-over scrap clay and 20 gauge craft wire. I’ve used

New Color Tuesday: Lagoon and Metallics


By now you know that I tend to get fascinated with a color and go crazy with it for a couple of days (or weeks) before the next infatuation.  So far, my longest infatuation is with Souffle Bluestone, but as usual, I’ve run out of it.  So, look what magically appeared on my worktable…18k Gold.

White, white, white!


Very often i see the question about how to keep white clay, white. It seems to be a problem for so many. It can be done, you can make super white creations. First of all it is the same for all things and that is actually, practice! I would like to share with you how

How to Fix a Boo-Boo

Boo-Boo Turkey

It happens to the best of us. You get in a hurry and forget to check for air bubbles that sometimes form between your clay and the armature of your critter body. Everything looks okay on the surface of things, then the next thing you know, you’re pulling a critter out of the oven that

Your Kids Can Teach You About Clay

graveyard 3

..but you have to be willing to listen! When my boys were in grade school, it was tradition in California that in the 4th grade they all built a mission or something reflective of Junipero Serra era of our state history.  Well, my son came home and announced that he was building the original Royal

New Color Tuesday: The Purples

sep 3

I don’t consider myself a fan of purple.  Wait, my whole front yard is purple.  I used to have a purple velvet chair.  OKAY, *maybe* I am a small fan of purple.  I definitely don’t like pink.  I’m a redhead and redheads didn’t wear pink in my day. ( I can hear my son’s hilarious

New Color Tuesday- White or Off-White?

sep 2a

I don’t know about you, but I seem to often be puzzling whether to add White (Igloo in Souffle-speak) or Off-White (Ecru in Premo-land, Sandcastle in Souffle-speak) to create my lighter intensity of a color. Generally, I feel that adding the White tone will create a more pastel effect, while adding the Off-White tone will

From Mess to Masterpiece…or Something like That


Recently a newfound clay friend posted a picture of a neat little organizer that would keep each package of opened clay pristine & clean & easy to use. In the ensuing conversation, I said that I keep mine in a jumbled mess tossed willy-nilly into gallon-sized zip lock bags by color family (greens, blues, browns,

New Color Tuesday! Lagoons and Sandcastle

sep 1 c

I decided that I had been overlooking color mixing with the neutrals, so this month Lagoon is going to be mixing with both Sandcastle and Igloo.  I don’t know about you, but it’s often a hard decision for me to create a lighter color with a white or an off white.  So let’s see them

A Treasure from Germany

anke 2

It’s not like I could ever find anything with my kid’s names on them when they were little..Tahichi and Kojiro are not exactly common names in the USA (or Japan really either).  But look at what my dear clay friend Anke Humpert sent me from Germany! It’s one of her fantastic graffiti bracelets that says

Ireland Checks In

angela 1b

My excitement to attend EuroSynergy in Malta was considerably dampened when I found out that my dear friend in Ireland, Angela Kent, would not be able to attend after all, due to her husband’s illness.  As soon as I returned home, I sent her the new tools and Souffle clay.  I was so surprised and

Sure Sculpey is great but………..

I got to finally meet Iris in person at my Guild's Clay ConneCTion 2014

Sculpey is great but the people who use it and love it are EVEN BETTER! I went to my 1st ever Clay ConneCTion Retreat! This event is hosted by my local guild. Southern Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild. Here is our facebook page to see ALL the fun we had a the retreat .  

Broke it?

Sometimes things brake that we spent a lot of time making. Maybe it brakes becuase it is not properly cured or becuase we forgot to use Bake and Bond to adhere raw clay on to baked. I broke some pieces when i drilled them, they where layerd so now a days i use Bake and

New Color Tuesday! A Sea Adventure

August 4

Okay, it’s not rocket science to guess that if you mix Pistachio with Lagoon, you are going to get some gorgeous sea colors.  I was surprised that they weren’t more on the blue side than they are.  That Pistachio is a pretty strong color!   So let’s say goodbye to our Pistachio and say hello

Lilies of the valley.

I made a post some time ago here in this blog and i asked if you like me loved cherry blossoms, now i will ask- “Don´t you just love Lilies of the valley?” A friend of mine that is a talanted jewellrymaker asked me about a year ago to make her Lilies of the valley

New Color Tuesday! Pistachio Goes Retro

August 3

So today, Pistachio is going retro and mixing with So 80′s.  Last week I mixed Turnip, which is in the same family as So 80′s. It’s kinda amazing to me that I’ve mixed two colors on the pink/purple side of the family with Pistachio and the mixes are so totally different. We’ve made it a

Baby wipes tips.

  Something is wrong for shure! It is quiet! I´m home alone! The kids are out with their dad and my brother looking for a new/used car for my brother, this is very rare, me home alone i mean. So here i am sitting by the computer  clean ( just showerd) and fed thinking about

Print Your Photos

 Are you like me? Taking lots and lots of photos? The only problem is that when i sit at my clay table i forget about them. My advice to you is to print them and spread the photos around your work area. This way you can always see them and get inspired over and over

Syn’s Photo Tip: Add a Signature

sig 3

Have you noticed the Polyform logo or my name on recent photos I’ve posted here?  That’s because I made a custom brush in Photoshop with the logo and one with my name.  Tricky right?  Actually, it’s really stupid simple and takes about 15 seconds. (Okay, it take ME about 2 minutes to pick the font

Ending Inspiration “Week”

Almost 2 weeks ago i declared a inspiration week but i just have to much of it in my head so i went on. But it is time to wrap it up . The bottom line is that we can find inspiration all around us, it is more about how you look than what you