Design Squad

Introducing the 2014-2015 Sculpey Design Squad

Gretchen Amberg- Rachel Hinderliter- Anke Humpert- Sherri Kellberg- Patti Kimle- Kari McKnight-Holbrook- Niki Meiners- Nadia Michaux- Katie Oskin- Shirley Rufener- Teresa Salgado- Ruth Steiner

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

Valentine’s Day treats made with love and clay


    For a polymer clay artist, celebrations are great since it lets us become creative with a particular theme. I was able to create a fantastic Valentine’s Day scene by making a variety of clay miniatures.           To make these mini sponge heart cakes, mix Ultralight clay with some colour

New Color Tuesday! The Valentine Flowers

Feb NCT-1

I thought it would be appropriate to use this photo I took several years ago of the bouquet that my boss received for Valentines Day from her husband. (Yes, I played with image in Photoshop!)  I also thought it would give me a good challenge if I selected colors that were not basic straight-out-of-the-package Premo!

New Color Tuesday – The Venetian Palette Part IV


 Okay, this week was an easy one!  The last color in the palette was pretty much just Spanish Olive right out of the package, but since I had been experimenting with what Ecru does in a mix, I figured I would give it a go.  SO and E make a really nice soft green that

Hoppy Valentines Day Frog


This Hoppy Valentines Day Frog is adorable and simple to create.   It is great for a little love gift or holiday decor. I used my designs for inspiration along with a new package of Bake Shop clay. To make the frog, I did the following… Roll the green around until it is soft then

New Color Tuesday – the Venetian Palette Part 3

I’m always ready to mix an orange color (although this is more of a wineish color) and I was equally fascinated with how different Ecru mixes in color combinations compared to White.  The colors will obviously be warmer, but I was surprised with how much darker they appear as well!  White really has a punch

New Color Tuesday Venetian Palette Part 2


Trying to mix lovely soft yellows can be, well, trying, to say the least!  While I was aiming for that second color from the left, I didn’t realize that my printout was a little more magenta than this image is, so the colors are going to look a little skewed.  If I had it to

New Color Tuesday! Venetian Palette Part I

This one got a little tricky….It surprisingly became a showdown between Ecru and White.  So throughout this month, the mixes are going to be a little bit different than normal, showing what happens between these two colors. I know that makes no sense, but it hopefully will as the month progresses. This mix palette is pulled

New Color Tuesday! A Look Back Part V

Oct 4a

Color mixing for these New Color Tuesdays have often involved a “forgotten” color in my clay cabinet.  In October of 2014, it was the Premo! Accents Copper color. Now Premo! Accents Bronze for me is like my Black- I use it constantly – straight out of the package, very little mixing. That being said, I’m

New Color Tuesday! A Look Back Part IV

April final

 One of the most fun ways of color mixing for me is to pull colors out of some of my photographs and then try to match them. This is a passion flower I photographed in my friend’s garden that led to some of the best color mixes yet…and some of my most favorite Mokume Gane

Wintertime Fairy Village


This tiny wintertime fairy village was so fun to create and set up.  I made it with Bake Shop since I was working with kiddos and this clay is the best for them (according to me anyway). I hand molded the houses first.  Then I added the roofs to them.  If you want to make

New Color Tuesday! A Look Back Part III

Dec 1 3x

 This one is from December 2014, but is STILL one of my most favorite mixes ever.  That last mix just GLOWS!  And when you texture it, the micas shift from the pressure of the texture gives the impression that there is subtle shading on the piece.  I’ve not been able to replicate that with any other

Ocean Life Textures – Gretchen Amberg

I just spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the “Sunshine State” and took advantage of my location to do some serious shopping for sea shells.  I shopped for small items I can use as inclusions in my work but as I browsed the store I was drawn to some of the larger shells with interesting textures. 

New Color Tuesday! A Look Back Part II

Layout rev

Let’s go back to our exotic colors from the Moroccan palette!  I liked these colors so much, I just painted the outside of my house using several of these colors! This palette was a lot of work for me, but I just loved all the colors that came out of it.  I think I should

New Color Tuesday! A Look Back Part 1

NCT Aug 2015 bonus

I don’t know about you guys, but this is a busy time for me!  Not only am I getting ready for the holidays and all my immediate family, but I’ve just let the housecleaning mushroom into major projects! I woke up one morning and  I decided that I needed to remove an old book shelf in my

A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place – Gretchen Amberg

Tool Rack

I have to make a confession, my work space is an utter disaster.  I have tools and clay all over the place which makes it hard to keep track of my supplies.  Cleaning up after a project can be difficult since I don’t have a dedicated space for the majority of my small tools.  The

Welcome to Cubicle Township, Population Millions by Gretchen Amberg


Like so many others out there, I spend my work day stationed in a 3 walled standard grey cubicle. I find that no matter how much of those awful grey walls is covered by a calendar, diagrams, and assorted reference sheets that it still feels terribly drab.  I’ve been wanting to find ways to add

New Color Tuesday! Graphite Wrapup

Nove 2015-4

First, in case you missed it in the comments, I made a couple of pendants using the Graphite Pearl/Purple Pearl mix from last week as well as a Graphite Pearl/Souffle Latte mix. I really, really like the look of these!  Who says we have to be limited to metallics or black for a bezel?  The

New Color Tuesday! The Metallics

Nov 2015-4a

I decided that I wanted to see what effect the Graphite Pearl would have on other metallics in the Premo! Accents family.  Of course, I imagined that it would make them a darker version of their true selves, but naturally, I wanted to see if there were any surprises.  And the Purple Pearl surprised me

Not just for making hollow beads… Gretchen Amberg

Skull Bead (1)

The Hollow Bead Maker might just be the best thing since sliced bread and those of you who were previously using lightbulbs as a form for hollow beads probably agree.  Having a better tool has prompted me to do more work with hollow beads than I’d done in the past.  As I continue to play

Gobble Gobble Place Card Turkeys

Turkey Bake Shop Clay

These gobble gobble place card turkeys are adorable and fun to create.  Because they are simple, the project works well for beginners and kids alike.  I love this because not only is the completed masterpiece cute and festive but also practical. I used Sculpey’s Bake Shop to make these.  All of the pieces are hand

New Color Tuesday! Graphite Goes Green

Nov 2015-2a

Is it me or is November flying by? I’m mixing with Graphite Pearl this month and the results have been interesting.  I’m normally a brighter-the-better kind of gal, but I’m really liking some of these subtle colors that are mixing.  For instance, what if you want a Graphite that is just a “leeetle” brighter –

That Pesky Stuff Called Scrap Clay by Gretchen Amberg

I’m sure many polymer clay users out there can identify with the issue of having an abundance of scrap clay.  I personally don’t like the idea of just throwing clay in the garbage, and although I do manage to salvage some of it by working in “like colors”, I all too often end up with

Watercolor Inspiration – Rachel Hinderliter

watercolor polymer clay hearts

              I absolutely love painting with watercolors (if you follow me on Instagram you probably have already noticed this), and I especially love the beautiful effects that are created as the paint randomly scatters across the page.                 What’s great is that

New Color Tuesday: The Final Orange

Nov 2015-1

Mixing oranges last month was so interesting and just plain cheerful – all those oranges with hints of sunshine, warmth, tropical breezes.. So what am I going to mix this month?  Graphite Pearl!  Switch to cool, dark colors with a hint of metallic sheen – I’ve never been one to be consistent!   The first

New Color Tuesday! Ginger

Oct 2015-3

I think I have had more fun mixing oranges this month than any other month of mixes.  Orange is such a happy color for me – it reminds me of the sunsets that I love to photograph. And I didn’t forget my original quest for a ginger color.  I decided to see what Souffle colors

Halloween Miniatures by Nadia Michaux


          Halloween is my favourite event of the year! Every year I will make miniatures for Halloween using just polymer clay. Sweets and candy are important for this holiday and polymer clay miniatures can give that sugary effect.             These iced-sugar cookies are made from Sculpey

New Color Tuesday! Orange Pearl

Oct 2015-4

I have always wanted an Orange Pearl, but earlier attempts just didn’t have that zip that orange pearl should have.  Well, the new Premo! Accents  Sunset Pearl took care of that problem in a big way! 2 parts Zinc Yellow (or Cad Yellow) to 1 part Sunset Pearl is the prettiest, zippiest orange pearl…while a

Spooky Note Clips with a Matching Printable


These spooky note clips with a matching printable are awesome sauce adorable and really simple to create.  I used the Bake Shop clay because, well because I love it so much. To get inspiration, I consulted my portfolio. I used my fingers to hand mold all of the pieces then stuck large metal paper clips

Candy Inspiration by: Rachel Hinderliter

Sugarfina - Lines Across 2

Candy is so colorful and fun and has been a huge inspiration to me when working with polymer clay. I even share fun pictures of candy (with fellow artist Natasha of Violet Tinder Studios) on Instagram every week. We even created a fun hashtag #thecandyrainbow for sharing creative pictures of candy.        

New Color Tuesday! The Gingers

Oct 2015-2

  So I’ve been mixing trying to reach a ginger color I saw in an ice cream shop (ummm, I’d love to have that ice cream right NOW!) I’ve come close here with a 3 way mix of Cad Yellow, Cad Red and Zinc Yellow by adding a little white in the bottom two mixes.