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Introducing the 2013-2014 Sculpey Design Squad

Karolina Söderberg - Melanie Muir - Miranda Farrand - Carole Monahan-Kamfe – Syndee Holt
Patti Kimle - Shirley Rufener - Niki Meiners -Kari McKnight-Holbrook - Gretchen Amberg

Read their blog posts and enjoy their projects, tips, techniques and creative uses of clays, tools and accessories. Their varied specialties and work styles will educate and inspire you.

School Time Sculpey Clay Organizer Jars

BTS Sculpey Jars

Wowza, where did the summertime go?  It’s crazy to believe but it is already time to be thinking about getting ready to go back to school.  In our house that means we are organizing and shopping for supplies first because we LOVE that part best.  We also love to take our new teachers fun things

New Color Tuesday – Correction and More Colors!

July 6

So I just turned over my color chips from this week’s New Color Tuesday and saw that they were actually 6:1 mixes, not 4:1 mixes, so here is the CORRECT image! And since I had blathered on about “oh, wouldn’t this mix look great with Key Lime or Turnip?” I decided to punch some clay

New Color Tuesday – One More Week

July 6

Oh SURPRISE syndee!  There are FIVE Tuesdays in July!  Here I was bidding a fond farewell to Souffle Mai Tai and welcoming Souffle Pistachio as my August color mixer and we still have one more week in July!  Actually I’m happy about that, because there was one mix I didn’t try and that was Mai Tai

IPCA Arches International Retreat Demo

I’m demoing at the International Retreat next month and I’ve agonized all week on how to get all of what I want to demo into one photo.  Trying to pick just ONE photo of what I’m going to demo is tough! The new Souffle clay has proved to be an excellent surface for paints, inks

New Color Tuesday!

July 5

Today we are saying goodbye to our ” color of the month”, Mai Tai, and introducing our new “color of the month” for August, Pistachio!  So why not see what they do when mixed?  My first thought was that they mixed to “cookie colors” (you know the colors of fresh baked cookies…yummmm).  Then I went

One thing leads to another.

I was asked to make earrings with violets and i did, then i posted a photo of them on Facebook and somebody else wanted to have a pair. Then again somebody wanted a pair with a necklace so i made that too and posted that online. That lead to yet another request, a braclelet, made

New Color Tuesday! The Red Zone

July 4

So today, we are going to get a quick 2fer with Souffle Mai Tai mixing with Turnip and So 80′s.  They are all in the same red family, but they created some pretty cool hues! Speaking of hues, I think that the Turnip mixes look like warm hues and the So 80′s mixes look like

So, What’s on YOUR Clay Table?

today 3

A friend just texted me, “I know you are probably at your clay table – what are you working on?”  So I thought I would share.. First, here is a little Zentangle I drew that I transferred to Souffle and Premo and baked on the hollow dome.  I think that the little ones will become

Time to go nocturnal?

The heat has arrived and with that soft clay. How does one deal with that? Ice under the table? Maybe there is tables that cool themself? Running between the fridge and the studio? Smacking up not only a oven in the bedroom but a fridge too? No! Let´s go nocturnal, let´s forget about our social

New Color Tuesday – Mixing Insanity!

July 3

Ok, I admit to “occasionally” getting carried away with my clay…like 2.8 out of 3 times I step out into my Deluxe Designer Studio. But this week I got so excited over the color mixes, well, I just couldn’t stop myself.. So today, we are getting two mixes: Souffle Mai Tai and Sea Glass and

Some Say This Should Be Illegal!

cutters bent

So, I was mucking out my studio a couple of days ago and accidentally stepped on a cutter and bent it slightly.  Once I got everything back in order, I came across the wounded cutter and thought about trying to reshape it back to it’s original circle.  Then I had another idea.  I grabbed my

New Color Tuesday! Let’s Do Mai Tais..

July 1

In honor of the Summer season, let’s do Mai Tais!  Sculpey Souffle Mai Tai mixes that is! The Souffle Mai Tai is a little bit of a mystery to me.  When I roll a piece out and look at it carefully in the light, I swear I see a mica sheen in there..but then again

It feels great to deliver!

It is the greatest feeling as a parent to be able to make wishes come true and thanks to polymer clay very often i can do that. I can make a necklace with their favorite character, a wall decoration with cars and many other things. And yesterday i could grant her wish about becoming a

craft show idea

It’s been more than 4 years since I’ve done a retail craft show, but this spring, I decided to do one at my local botanical garden.  It’s coming up fast!  The show allowed applicants to pick an indoor or an outdoor booth.  I chose indoor!  At least I won’t have to worry about the weather. 

Cherry blossom

    Don´t you just love the cherry blossom? I do! I made something for my self wich i very rare. I love the teal colur so i mixed in some green with turquise and made pink flowers. Not to complicated and the pink really pops against the teal. I made it as wide as

New Color Tuesday – It’s a 2fer!

June after

So I thought that there were FIVE Tuesdays in June, but there are five Mondays and four Tuesdays.  We get a 2fer today, because I couldn’t just pick between the remaining two color mixes. First up is Souffle Sea Glass and Premo! Accents Gold: A little similiar to the Jade earlier, but 2 pt Sea

Adding strength

  Do you like to make rings or earrings from delicate flowers? Then you know that even if Premo is a strong clay, the flowers can break if they caught in something.           This might help you solve that, use Translucent liquid Sculpey (TLS) on the back. Make the TLS go

Practicality Comes to the Clay Table Via the New Sculpey Tools


Is it too much to ask?  No apparently not! By now you have heard about the new Sculpey tools.  Today I’m addressing a little *something* that is pretty magical about them – Practicality.    The Nested Circle Cutters were sized to contain a cutter that fits the 12 round patterns in the Silk Screen kit

You made that out of polymer clay???

I get such a kick out of the reactions I’ve witnessed when a person, who’s never seen or really ever heard of polymer clay, sees a piece for the first time.  During the month of April I spent some quality time at physical therapy. The gals I was working with are a super-cool bunch and

Kids in the house?

Do you have small children in the house? Then my advice is to check your oven before turning it on! I have a 2.5 year old boy and he just loves playing with my small oven, he puts cars in it and turns the knob that regulates temperature but he never turns it on (if

Souffle Cowboy Turns Golden

June 3

Souffle Cowboy is one of my favorite colors.  It’s such a nice neutral brown – it’s not orange, it’s not magenta, it’s just what it advertises – Cowboy – a straight up color. It was one of my obsessive colors for several weeks, only to be replaced by Latte (or was it Sea Glass? LOL).

Stay Calm and Clay On

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing you are working on is coming out right?  All you want to do is tear your hair out, throw your clay out the window, bang your head on your work table, or maybe all of the above.  Don’t give up!  If this is something new

New Color Tuesday! Souffle Goes Metal

June 2

This week Premo! Gold meets Souffle Turnip (one of my favorite colors). Not only does it yield a rather surprising Copper color, but the partial mix is gorgeous also! So far the Souffle colors that I’ve become facinated with are Sea Glass, Turnip, Key Lime, Concrete, Latte and now Bluestone.  Is it me? Sometimes I

TBT – Bringin Back the Bolo

bolo ties final

 Who doesn’t have a man in their family that hasn’t complained about having to wear a tie to an event? Especially this month – the height of the wedding season and wedding suits.  Well, it’s also Father’s Day time, so don’t buy him a tie, make him a bolo tie! Yes, it’s old school and

Summer Fun Claytime on Pirate Island

Sculpey Pirate Pets

It is summer time and often that means finding things to do indoors on days when it is toooo hot or tooooo wet to be outside.  Here is a really fun project that you can do using Sculpey’s fabulous Bake Shop clay.  This product is a bit softer to work with and great for kids. 

New Color Tuesday! Souffle Goes Metal

June 1

I get asked frequently if there are metallic colors in Souffle.  The answer is NO because Souffle is supposed to be a wonderful addition, another color line, another surface texture,  another choice for the Sculpey artist, not a competitor to Premo! BUT that doesn’t mean that we can’t mix the two and create our own

NEVER Scrap an idea !

Premo scrap bracelet

I’m thrifty — well I will just say it I’M CHEAP and proud of it !!! Heck I used to use tea bags twice! (there are the expensive ones to defend myself) That is one of the reasons why I LOVE polymer clay so much. There is little to nothing wasted. Some of my favorite pieces

New Color Tuesday! Fluorescent Pink goes Royal

May 4

So when I decided to mix Premo! Fluorescent Pink with Premo! Accent Purple Pearl, I knew that I would get some sparkly fuchsia to purples, but I didn’t expect the RANGE of colors it gave me! I got a lovely violet with the 1:1 mix, a bold purple with the 1:2 mix and a metallic

New Color Tuesday! A 2fer

May 3

Well, well, well.. I’m giving you a 2fer this week because I mixed two different Premo! colors withPremo! Accents Fluorescent Pink and I got very similar colors.  Premo! Sunshine and Premo! Wasabi mixed to colors that are very close.  I think that the Sunshine colors have lovely warm deep pastel effect while the Wasabi colors

Souffle Causes a Left Turn to the Right Side of My Brain


So, I had a new blouse….with a pattern….an excuse to create a custom necklace based on the pattern and colors, right?  Of course, I wanted to use Souffle and the colors matched the trending colors in the blouse right out of the package.  Can I get any luckier?  Yes, because it was a floral pattern